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The Office of Gift Planning at Scripps Health Foundation is pleased to provide this complimentary step-by-step Wills Guide.  

Your Will is a loving statement from the heart reflecting your commitment to the people and the causes you care about.  It says that you care enough to make your decisions legal.

The Scripps Health Foundation Wills Guide is a simple guide to get you started with the estate planning process. It is useful whether your estate is small or large.  It is not intended as legal, tax or financial advice.  The guide is short and usually takes about two hours to complete (depending on your personal situation). It is a valuable tool to:

  •      Educate you about Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Beneficiary Designations and the estate planning process in the State of California,
  •     Provide you with an overview of the legal documents that you may need to accomplish your estate planning goals,
  •     Outline the personal information and financial documents you will need to gather for your first appointment with your legal advisor so that he/she may "plan" your "estate" and draft/customize the appropriate legal documents for you to sign,  
  •     Outline the basic decisions you will need to make before you can complete the estate planning process.

Once you've reviewed the Will Guide, completed your work, gathered your documents and contemplated your decisions, the next step is to contact an estate-planning attorney for an appointment.  He or she will help you set estate planning goals, advise you about any personal estate planning issues, explain your options, help you with your decisions, draft the legal documents (will (and trust, if appropriate), powers of attorney, etc.) and complete the signing and witnessing process with you for all documents.

To receive the Wills Guide:

  • Please enter your name and email address below,  check electronic/PDF Wills Guide and click Download.  You will immediately have access to a pdf copy of the Wills Guide which you may print or save on your own computer.
  • You also have the option of requesting that we mail you a copy of our free Wills Guide directly to your home or office by completing the information below.
You may also ask a question in the comments section.

Gifts to Scripps Health.   Please remember, you should contact a Gift Planning Officer at Scripps Health Foundation when making a gift to Scripps Health in your Will, Trust, Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation and estate planning documents.  We will be able to help you with the appropriate language to ensure that your gift will be implemented consistent with your wishes when the gift matures.   All calls are confidential.
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